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Calling Card Service

Calling Card Service

It is safe to say that the Calling card service is one of the fastest kinds of VoIP services. This is an exceptional way to start a business with faster and smoother developments. Starting a business with calling cards will allow you the opportunity to make tons of money.

Our calling card service’s crux is based upon the Session Initiation Protocol, which proposes top-notch Phone to Phone services with the smoothest communication and finest quality. Calling card Service is a completely included calling card service that suits new or existing specialist organizations to offer Prepaid VoIP Calling Cards Services.

Advantages Of Service

  • VoIP services have proven to be better in a lot of ways, at this point distinguishing marks gain in a few regions as well.
  • A calling card requires no arrangement; it simply needs a telephone with access.
  • Adaptability
  • Affordability
  • Low rates on all significant distance US and worldwide calls.
  • Zero monthly service fees. You won’t pay a penny unless you utilize your card.



You can utilize our completely functional Calling Card service with zero investment. It is completely versatile so you can begin a business as large or little as you need and develop it as and when it helps meet your objectives.

  • Track PIN initiation and PIN usage.
  • Continuous IVR call approval and call steering.
  • Make numerous prepaid Accounts and partner with various plans.
  • Calling Card Management.
  • Significant Level Codec Compatibility

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